Our Team is Passionate & Experienced

Our Values. We are...

  • A community. Together we are driven by a love for what we do which shows in our dedication and hard work.

  • Unstoppable in our energy to grow a company built on doing the right thing.

  • Proud to be a company with heart, soul, and backbone.

  • Original, interesting, bold in our ideas and our vision.

  • Communicators, collaborators and connectors, our doors are as open as are our minds.

  • Encouraged every day to be revolutionary in our thinking.

  • Grateful and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the greater good in our for profit business.

“Our goal is to hire passionate, customer-focused professionals. Together we create a team capable of executing extraordinary experiences for our customers. We like to think that, once hired, we join your company and become equally responsible for your objectives, results, and success. We are in this together.”
— Marka Waechter, CEO, SHWorldwide

Executive Team

Marka Waechter


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H.S. Wright III





Sales Team

Brett Robertson

Director of Strategy & New Business Development


Tony Kutch

Senior Account Executive



Carol Riddle

Senior Account Executive


Merrill Behnke.jpg

Merrill Behnke

National Account Executive



Jenny Rivera

National Account Executive



Casey Nelson

National Account Executive



Industry Relations & Site Selection


Cheryl Barnet

Senior Manager, Site Selection


Sibyl Adams

Site Selection Coordinator



Michelle Morin

Site Sourcing Specialist


Jill Bell
Site Sourcing Specialist


Our people make our difference