Our process of synthesizing client criteria, extensive site research, and industry knowledge allows you to select the very best place to hold an event.

We deliver clients choice options at ideal contract terms. SHW brings over 35 years of industry knowledge, contract negotiation expertise and the SHW team advantage to each hotel and venue selection engagement.

Our client, Windermere Real Estate (7,000 agents, 10 states, 3 countries), understands the importance of obtaining the right outside expertise to provide hotel options which meet their criteria for the best price, added amenities and contract terms. As successful business owners, Windermere understands the importance of industry knowledge, deep expertise and trusted relationships to ensure their real estate agents are the most highly trained and well equipped in their field. Windermere recognizes SHW familiar value proposition.


“Windermere Real Estate counts on the depth of expertise, industry knowledge and the relationship of SHW to source and contract hotels for our annual Owners Retreat Conference. SHW saves us time and money so we can be doing what we do best.”
— Jill Jacobi Wood, President, Windermere Real Estate

As a portfolio company of Seattle Hospitality Group we define industry trends...

SHW is a portfolio company of Seattle Hospitality Group which has interests in MTR Western (ground logistics and transportation), MC&A (Hawaii's largest event management company), Island Partners Hawaii (luxe travel and high end DMC boutique), and affiliated interests in Cedarbrook Lodge, Semiahmoo Resort, Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Chihuly Garden and Glass, the (Seattle) Space Needle, and the Monterey Marriott. Because of our deep roots in the industry, we have unique insight into trends allowing us to be leading edge in the negotiation process (RFP's) to stay in the forefront of best practices. We utilize our "insider" information to ensure we do our best in each contracting process, and we leverage our connections whenever we need special help from our partners.

Our philosophy is simple: we build win-win partnerships with hotels and venues on behalf of our clients, which allows us to provide exceptional service to help them save time and money and to mitigate risks associated with researching and contracting with the right hotel for their event.

We can do the same for you. Utilizing our proprietary web based Site Selection Tool to easily search hotels and event venues, in almost every part of the world, we will find the perfect fit for your meeting or event. Our leadership team has extensive hotel and travel industry background and understands all the key components to effective property selection.



Simple Process:

  1. Online Event RFP - Working with our client, we create a comprehensive RFP (request for proposal) detailing sleeping room requirements, meeting space, amenities and other critical needs.

  2. Hotels Bid Online - Utilizing our Site Selection Tool, we search our database of thousands of hotels worldwide and invite the ones that fit the search criteria to submit a proposal.

  3. Detailed Site Report - After collecting bid information, our Site Selection Team prepares a comprehensive report providing all of the necessary information to narrow down the choices.

  4. Contract Negotiation - With decades of experience and knowledge, we begin contract negotiation to work to make sure our clients get the most favorable terms and clauses possible and review the final contract using our own 60 point checklist to ensure accuracy.

  5. Post Event Reporting - After the event is finished, we obtain hard data and final results to compare with the Master Contract to ensure all contract benefits were applied, furthermore we provide management insight reports to our clients for future programs.

A valued vendor & partner...

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“We would not have made it through without you and all of the great people at SHW. You’re truly the best in the business and thank you for being such an amazing partner.”
— Marcos Santiago, Meeting & Events, Starwood

Stay informed and in control

Knowledge is power. With customized reporting solutions and our online RFP tool, we will provide you with information and insights to plan, forecast, prepare, execute, and look back at the final results to confirm the ROI for your organization and develop strategic meeting plan best practices. 

If you've been tasked to book a hotel for an offsite meeting, allow the experts at SHW to save you time and money. Whenever your hotel booking needs include a minimum of 10 sleeping rooms and meeting space, SHW will simplify the selection process while educating you on common contract pitfalls. This service is complimentary as SHW is a proud member of IATAN.

If you have more questions regarding this service, please contact us today. Sample RFP response and information reporting packets can be viewed here.


When the largest charitable foundation in the world needed to source and negotiate with hotels in Vienna, Nairobi, Xalapa and New York City . . . they reached out to SHW.