10 Ways to Embrace Some Levity While WFH

Face it.  A bunch of us are working from home, and craving some ways to make this new normal more palatable. Here are our top 10 ways to make working from home just a little bit more fun.

1. Create an imaginary coworker. It’s easier to acknowledge your own bad habits if you can blame then on someone else – if even they’re fake. Can’t stand the pile of dishes in the sink? “Gee, why can’t Cynthia do her own dishes?!?”

IMG_38232. Play a round of Video Conference Bingo. Why not bring a fun twist to your next conference call? Check out our printable bingo scorecard to play while you WFH with your colleagues. Download a printable scorecard here.


3. Watch the COVID-19 Working from home version of “9 to 5.” From The Hammer and Nigel Show podcast comes a “Coronavirus Song” set to the tune of Dolly Parton’s hit song “9 to 5.” Take a listen on the show’s website.


4. Turn on some tunes. Sometimes music can be just what you need to stay zoned in when you don’t have the hustle-and-bustle of an office around you. You can also check out our Work From Home playlist on Spotify, where we’ve included a variety of current and classic hits across all genres to lift your mood during quarantine.


5. Singalong at the Quarantine Cabaret. #TheShowMustGoOn according to burlesque performer Michelle L’amour, creator of the Quarantine Cabaret in order to support artists whose livelihoods have been affected by shows being cancelled as quarantines go into effect. Episodes are released weekly, and feature a variety of artists including burlesque, musicians, magicians, standup comedy, cirque, and more!

6. Take an exercise break. Plan breaks throughout your day to stretch your legs and mind. Obviously, you’re not able to get into the closed gyms and studios. Try some classes to stream from home! (Because you’re not going anywhere!) Try taking an online fitness class through studios such as Seattle’s Bala Yoga or your local Barre3.

7. Enjoy some Coronavirus-inspired art. Visual artists around the globe are using their medium to create Coronavirus-inspired artworks. Take a break and browse works from artists such as Hong Kong-based Tommy Fung, who posts surrealist photographs on his Instagram (@surrealhk) depicting his experience throughout the outbreak. Feeling crafty? Download a virus-inspired crochet pattern from University of Toronto PhD student Tahani Baakdhah who uses crochet as a medium to talk about research with non-scientists.

8. Create a custom handwashing graphic. Belt out your favorite tune in the name of public health! Wash Your Lyrics, a website created by 17-year-old UK designer William Gibson, generates handwashing infographics timed to your favorite song—simply put in the artist, song title, and presto! Check out the site to make your own.


9. Plan a virtual happy hour with coworkers. Stay social and safe! Keeping a sense of community goes a long way in keeping sane while quarantined or self-isolated at home. While bars and restaurants are closed, try having everyone bring their own drink and hopping on a video call.

10. Take a virtual tour of a national park. Need a break from that spreadsheet you’ve been staring at? Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with five U.S. national parks to offer free, virtual tours. Experience breathtaking Alaskan fjords, soar over an active Hawaiian volcano, see red and orange hoodoos up close in the Utah desert, and more. See the full list or start a tour on their website.