Featured Hotel Partner: The Fairmont Olympic, Seattle

As a company with over 40 years of experience, we understand the importance and value of history. So, when we came across the Seattle Times' article about hidden treasures of the past  hidden in the walls of the Fairmont Olympic as they are undergoing renovations, we couldn't wait to know more...


Above: The Fairmont Olympic, Seattle

The Fairmont Olympic is undergoing six months of renovations to restore certain parts of the hotel, it does so while honoring elements of the past, including a recently-discovered 95-year-old terrazzo floor. The floor, apparently hand-laid by artisans who came over from Italy in 1924 when the hotel opened, will be incorporated into the new design of the Fairmont Olympic lobby, rendered below. Fairmont Olympic Lobby Rendering - LRV

Credit: LRV Design Studio. 

One of our favorite parts of working in Seattle is the ability to celebrate the rich and diverse history of this unique city. The Fairmont Olympic's recent discovery of artifacts within their own walls is not only a testament to the fascinating history of this hotel, but also of the Seattle community as a whole.

We know many families here have their own special memories from the hotel, but the landmark holds special meaning to one of SHW's own staff members. Rita Mills' mother immigrated to the U.S. from Japan in 1946, on the first passenger ship to leave Japan at the close of World War II. As an 18-year-old, she spent her first days on U.S. soil at the Olympic Hotel, with her sister, mother, and Japanese spaniel, Kukla. Eventually they settled in the San Francisco Russian community. 

"Ever since I was a teenager, Seattle called to me," said Rita, who grew up in the Bay Area. "It wasn't until after I moved here in 1987 that my mom told me the story of her arrival. It made sense to me then my strong feeling that I was meant to be here. To this day, the Fairmont Olympic feels like a special part of home to me." 

We encourage you to read the complete article from the Seattle Times' at the link below, and to consider planning your next event at the Fairmont Olympic, which re-opens its doors this summer: