The Power of Shared Experience: The Theater of Live Events

By Marka Waechter, CEO

I’ve been a fan of theater as far back as I can remember. Locals might remember Seattle’s “Junior Programs,” a wonderful school matinee program providing early introduction to the Seattle arts scene.

5th Ave_croppedI fondly remember landing my first on-stage role too. I was cast as Mame in Bellevue Junior High’s production of “Auntie Mame.” Right when I was about to make my grand entrance, I came down with a horrible case of the hiccups; and my wonderful drama teacher, Mrs. Johnson, snuck up from behind, covered my nose and mouth, and scared the hiccups right out of me for an on-time entrance. Whether in the audience or on stage, live theater offers all of us a transformational opportunity.

While a future on Broadway wasn’t in the cards, it occurred to me that what we do at SHW is much like live theater. As event planners, our job is to help companies tell their story in a way that connects people through a common experience. Each element of a captivating and engaging event mirrors the elements of live theatre.

We work with speakers to develop meaningful content to tell a story. We use production to set the mood with lighting, sound, and scenery. We orchestrate the flow of logistics to move the story forward, to give attendees a moment to reflect before the next narrative arc moves them to a new emotion.

There’s really nothing like the shared experience of human bonding, whether you’re at a conference or in the audience of a live performance.

We are so fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest in a community that values and supports the arts. Our partners at the 5th Avenue Theatre are offering discounted tickets to our SHW community for any show. One of my favorite musicals, “West Side Story” opens at the 5th Avenue on May 31 and runs through June 23. Click here to take advantage of a 25% discount!

The same web address gives priority access on July 10 for tickets to the 2019-20 season as well! “Austen’s Pride,” “Shrek,” “Jersey Boys,” and “Evita” are on the schedule for next season.

I hope to see you in the audience at an upcoming show. Enjoy!