Saving Seattle's Unique and Historic Event Venues

In 2014, Dhruv Argawal and his company, True Brands, set up shop in an unused, unusual space in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Since restoring the Fremont Foundry with love – he maintained much of the original character and incorporated art from the artists who originally used the space – Dhruv and his partners find themselves with a new passion and a new business on their hands.

Landmark Event Co. now owns and operates three historic event spaces around the city – at a time when new construction constantly morphs the Seattle skyline.


Here’s what Dhruv has to say about this new business.

Seattle's growth has many benefits, but it is also leading to the demolition of many unique and cherished buildings and businesses that have made Seattle the unique and diverse place it is known to be.

We have been passionate about not only saving these unique places, but also sharing them with the public. We’ve brought them back to life by turning them into event venues that give them exposure and access to the Seattle community. Our portfolio includes The Ruins, a private club in Queen Anne; the Fremont Foundry, which was a former artists utopia; and the Skansonia, the last wooden car ferry to serve Seattle.

We received the Fremont Foundry, our first project, in a horrible state. The roof was caved in many places and it was littered with debris. We spent two years renovating it top to bottom, while maintaining its unique aspects. The original foundry, with its two-ton crane, metal melting pit and raw concrete walls, was all kept intact.

At the Ruins, we had a building where the owner wanted to retire. The prospective buyers had plans to tear the building down to make way for a new building. Weeks from this happening, however, we were able to save the building and have been lovingly and carefully repairing it and restoring it to its former glory.

In the case of the Skansonia, the owner had plans to have it demolished when she could no longer tend to repairs. Again, with only weeks from its demise, we saved the boat and are now renovating it with plans to make it a landmark.

In all three cases, we have received incredible positive response from the community and clients that are looking for unique places to host their events. We now host over 300 events in our venues each year, everything from weddings to corporate parties to social occasions.

We hope to continue to do this work and grow the number of venues and the impact we can have on the Seattle community.