"Women in Business" at the 2019 Northwest Event Show

SHW's Women in Business

"Is it possible to balance it all"? That depends on your definition, according to a panel of successful women in the events industry at last week's 2019 Northwest Events Show in Seattle.

"Self-limiting beliefs are what hold us back in our careers," says Marka Waechter, CEO of SHW. "Once we understand those better, we can have a more effective approach to balance." She explained that simply lacking the confidence to explain your vision can lead to failure--which is why it's important to be confident and trust your intuition in business.

Nancy Solomon, Founder & CEO of The Leadership Incubator, suggests one way to work through those beliefs is to be bold. "Choose failure over regret," she says. "The only way to truly activate our potential is by taking risks." 

NWES introduced the educational panel, Women in Business: Balancing it All, as part of its new two-day show. Panelists featured were Marka; Nancy; Gloria Wildeman, Creative Director & CEO of LIONFISH: and Keely Krause, Director of Event Strategy at Event Experience. The panel was moderated by Kayla Cook, principal of Kayla Cook Events and the planner for this year's NWES!

The women offered impactful advice to the audience of event planners. The overwhelming recommendation was to build a strong community of women in business and stick with them. Women mentors are a powerful tool to help young event planners overcome obstacles and navigate the various stages of a career. 

Some other outtakes from the panel included:


"Having it all just depends on what you consider it all."

"Remember to always pat each other on the back at the end of each day, because tomorrow will be a new day."

"Be open to the possibility that a mentor could be the person sitting right next to you."


"You can have it all, just not at the same time." 

"Count on your community and your network to be there for you when you really need them."

"Don't make a to-do list, add it to your calendar instead."


"Stress spreads like wild fire, so don't stress the small stuff."


"Don't give up your one non-negotiable thing each day." 

"Don't let your fear overpower your own determination."

"When presenting an idea, don't get mad or upset if it is not well received. Calmly address the person's bias so you can effectively present it, listen to their feedback, and remain open to how you can make your ideas a reality."

Hundreds of exhibitors and attendees gathered recently for the new and improved Northwest Event Show at the Washington State Convention Center. This two-day event is the premiere Seattle showcase of the latest and greatest in event industry trends, services, and technology. The show began with a VIP breakfast and introduction by Stuart Butler of Butler Events that included a hologram appearance by Art Media, pictured below.

Breakfast was followed by an engaging keynote speech delivered by Julius Solaris, founder of The Event Innovation Lab™, on subjects ranging from the key role of millennials in the rise of experiential marketing and increasing demand for events, to technology trends and Artificial Intelligence, and the urgent need for sustainability in the industry. (Apparently, trade shows are the #2 largest contributor to waste worldwide!

SHW was thrilled to be a part of this year's Northwest Event Show, and look forward to continuing to support our own women in business at next year's event!