Creative Solutions + Seamless Technology

Creative Solutions + Seamless Technology

First impressions count. We guide our clients through a process to identify the right solution for the optimal registration experience.

Attendance not mandatory? We’ll make sure your registration site stands out above the many opportunities competing for your ideal attendee’s time and dollars.

SHW brings 40 years of experience and a comprehensive, always-expanding toolkit. We combine the best technology with old-fashioned white glove customer service, from site launch to the moment we welcome your attendee onsite. You can trust us to protect your data and rely on us for data accuracy.

Services include:

  • Custom Registration Website Development

  • Specialized Event Technology

  • Badge Design, Production & Delivery

  • Event Management Reporting

  • Onsite Registration Support

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When clients engage SHW early in the planning process, the timeline allows for valuable collaboration. The results can include a brand-enhancing event website, a comprehensive online registration system, a state-of-the-art event app, and seamless on-site registration staffing.

— Lorie Thomas, SHW, Senior VP for Event Services